If you think it’s an AFE, call us! 1-307-363-2337 (1-307-END-AFES)

Clinicians are key to ending AFE

Immediate response.
Research for the future.

No etiology. No risk factors.

Are you prepared if it's your patient?


will experience a cardiac arrest as the first symptom


will experience a cardiac arrest during the AFE


of AFE patients will not survive

On-Demand & Self-Paced Course

Everything you need to know about AFE

Taught by leading experts, this course will help prepare any healthcare provider for the unexpected and sudden AFE. Upon completion of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Outline the immediate response
  • Describe the pathophysiology
  • Define diagnostic criteria for an AFE
  • Execute AFE specimen procurement and case submission to the AFE Registry and Biorepository
  • Utilize AFE Foundation support resources to best support your patient and their family
This activity has been evaluated and approved by the Continuing Education Approval Program of the National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health.
AFE Simulation Toolkit Cover

Simulation Toolkit

Our AFE Simulation Toolkit is an exhaustive instructional guide to assist facilities in preparing for a rare and unexpected AFE crisis.

We’re part of your rapid response team. If you think it’s an AFE, call us!

1-307-363-2337 (1-307-END-AFES)

Help make AFE

Unpreventable. Unpredictable. Untreatable.


Blood tests taken before and during an AFE event may hold the key to unlocking the mystery of AFE.

stethoscope sitting on a medical chart

AFE Registry

Only 25% of cases reported come from clinicians. Help us ensure no cases go unreported.

We collect patient information, medical records, and specimens for vital AFE research.

Support Families and Staff After an AFE

We are here to help you in the hours, days, weeks, and even years ahead. We understand the need to learn more about AFE, access resources to help you navigate your path forward, and connect you to others in our community who share a similar perspective.

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