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AFE Biorepository

Specimen Collection

Healthcare providers play a critical role in AFE research by preparing for specimen procurement during or after a presumed AFE. To transform AFE into a predictable, preventable, and treatable condition we must obtain specimens to help identify the mechanisms of disease and the biomarkers responsible for this syndrome.

Blood tests taken before and during an AFE event may hold the key to unlocking the mystery of AFE.

You do not need to make an AFE diagnosis OR OBTAIN CONSENT Before specimen collection

What Specimens Are We Collecting?

  • Maternal blood that have been previously collected for clinical care before the diagnosis of AFE syndrome (i.e., type and screen)
  • Maternal blood taken during event but prior to transfusion
  • Pathological specimens from the placenta, surgical pathology specimens (i.e., placenta, uterus, etc.)
  • Autopsy specimens (various tissue blocks)

The most promising specimens we need are research dedicated specimens taken during an AFE prior to any blood transfusions. 

We rarely get research dedicated specimens unless providers are aware of our research. Thus, we are left to study specimens taken for clinical care that will otherwise be discarded. This may include type and screen, and coagulation panels.

How to Collect Research Dedicated Specimens During an AFE:

During a possible or presumed AFE event, AND before transfusion:

  1. Collect/Draw 5ml in red top tube
  2. Collect /Draw 5 ml in purple/lavender tube
  3. Set aside and finish clinical care
  4. Have a team member call the AFE Hotline as soon as possible
Again, we do need to make an AFE diagnosis before specimen collection.

How to Submit Specimens:

Research Results