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Simulation Toolkit

Is your clinical team ready and prepared to respond when an AFE occurs?

Everything you need to respond when minutes matter.

What is included:

  • Overview of Simulation Based Training
  • Ways to Use the Toolkit
  • Preparing for Simulation Based Training
  • Role of Deliberate Practice
  • Using the AFE Checklist
  • Scenario Review and Use
  • Facilitating Debriefs
  • Establishing Simulation Metrics
  • Analyzing your Simulation Based Training
AFE Simulation Toolkit Cover

3 Ways to Use this Simulation Toolkit

  1. Estimate Unit Preparedness to Respond to AFE
  2. Prepare a Select Group of Staff
  3. Train All Unit Staff as Part of Scheduled Annual Simulation Training
The team at Overland Park Regional Medical Center in Overland Park, Kansas used the AFE Simulation toolkit to prepare for a maternal arrest and resuscitative delivery.