If you think it’s an AFE, call us! 1-307-363-2337 (1-307-END-AFES)

AFE Support

for Patients and their Family

Helping clinicians assist Their patients and families During And after an AFE

You play a critical role in the immediate care of patients experiencing an AFE. After the immediate crisis, your care extends beyond the bedside and may include communicating with and supporting the patient and their family. The AFE Foundation aims to prepare and come alongside you in these difficult moments. 

Some of the challenges you may face include:

  • Emotions are high
  • Don’t know the outcome
  • You may not have all of the answers
  • AFE is incredibly complex and difficult to explain
  • The patient has passed away

Some of the tools we offer are:

Crisis Hotline 1-307-END-AFES

Consider us part of your rapid response team! Our HIPAA compliant hotline quickly connects healthcare providers with the AFE Foundation to offer:

  • Crisis support for the patient, their family or your team
  • Guidance on how to collect AFE specimens for the AFE Biorepository
  • Expertise to aid with the treatment and management of an AFE patient

Effective Communication

There is no easy way to deliver bad news. However, well-planned, effective communication in these events is paramount when trying to explain a complex condition like AFE while trying to limit further trauma. Our outcome specific communication checklists follow a straightforward A-F-E- strategy to help you:

Acknowledge your emotions

Formulate a plan

Execute the communication

Download a Communication Checklist


When Discharging the AFE Patient and Family


When Delivering Bad News to a Patient


When Delivering Bad News to Families

Family-Friendly AFE Crisis Handout

AFE Survivor Clinical Summary Form

Outcome Specific Information and Guides

We recognize every case of AFE and the patient’s response will be unique. To meet the varying needs of our community, we have established outcome specific guides to aid patients and families as they navigate their path forward.  We also offer many support groups to assist them in connecting with others in our community who share a similar perspective.