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About Us

The Amniotic Fluid Embolism Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 2008, quickly united the voices of families, survivors, medical professionals and researchers to call for greater awareness and resources to reduce the threat of amniotic fluid embolism (AFE). Our collective efforts have resulted in an internationally recognized research program on AFE, highly sought after educational programming for healthcare providers, and a worldwide network of support groups and resources for those impacted by an AFE.

We are committed to identifying the cause, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of amniotic fluid embolism and bring our information and resources to healthcare providers and impacted families through our education and support programs. We also strive to be the light guiding those impacted by an AFE through their physical and emotional recovery as they navigate their way forward.

Our Mission

Reducing maternal and infant mortality attributed to amniotic fluid embolism while helping those impacted navigate paths forward.

Our Vision

Amniotic fluid embolism no longer threatens lives and those with lived experiences thrive.

1 is too many

We do this work in memory of them

Our Impact

We are the leading experts in amniotic fluid embolism (AFE) education and research and the largest support organization for impacted families and healthcare workers around the world.


community members served globally

  • 100% report they better understood AFE
  • 97% better understood what physically happened to them
  • 95% found a meaningful sense of community

clinicians educated

  • 100% of clinicians polled found clinical fact sheets useful
  • 87% reported an increased understanding of treatment, management, and support


  • from our 13 publications and abstracts

Our Values

We take a principled and deliberate approach to our work and are guided by our core values. We believe in accountability. If we fall short or fail to uphold these values, please let us know.

We are resolute
in our commitment to #endAFE.

We are sincere
in how we come alongside and support those impacted.

We are devoted
to the community we serve.

We are prudent
in how monies are spent.

We hold reverence
for those whose lives were lost.

We are appreciative
to our donors, board, clinicians, and research partners.

Our People

Miranda Klassen

Founder/ Executive Director

AFE Foundation Team

Photo of Emily Taylor

Emily Taylor

State Liaison and Clinician Outreach Manager

Photo of Becky Cypher

Becky Cypher, RN

Research Nurse 

Photo of Kristi Gray

Kristi Gray

Research Coordinator

Photo of Kayliegh Summers

Kayliegh Summers, LCSW

Support Program Manager/ Birth Trauma Expert 

Medical Advisors/Collaborators

Irene Stafford, MD

Chair and Registry Director

Gary A. Dildy, MD


Steven L. Clark, MD


Roberto Romero, D(Med)Sc,M.D.


Photo of Stephanie Martin

Stephanie Martin, D.O.

OB Critical Care, Course Instructor

Photo of Suzanne Baird

Suzanne Baird, DNP, RN

OB Critical Care Nursing, Course Instructor

Photo of Julie Arafeh

Julie Arafeh, RN

Simulation Course Instructor

Photo of Mallorie Suffield

Mallorie Suffield, RN

Simulation Advisor, Course Instructor

Boards We Serve On

We are proud to provide our perspective and educational information to several key stakeholders.